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Interactive Music – Interactive Music LP

Interactive Music – Interactive Music LP

All Night Flight

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When ordering from the very nice in Northern England label & distro All Night Flight I glossed over Interactive Music and already wish I grabbed more! The cover design made me think of the Lovely Music, Ltd but it's actually mid-90s recordings from Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™.

From the presser... "The motivation behind Interactive Music was to explore a new way of composing music, allowing both machinery and recorded elements to ‘interact’ with each other within a systems-based arrangement whilst incorporating any randomness and unpredictability that arose in order to create a sense of the organic or sentience within the machines."

That level of conceptualisation may not be a riveting proposition for a Techno 12", but I reckon the last bit of the quote is an important one.

Essentially this record fulfills what I'd want from early Techno / Electro but with added "organic complexity", rhythmic variation and interesting textures that feel very free and different to the bro-nerd complexity that scares me from the tag IDM.

Interactive Music reminds me of my love for Garry Bradbury, Horse MacGyver, early Warp 12"s and Jamal Moss. On that note A Colourful Storm label head Moopie dropped in more copies of Velocette's Discotheque Saudades which took me to a very similar happy place. - Nic