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Yfory - Yfory 7"

Yfory - Yfory 7"

Static Age Musik

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Amatuer art at its best, on a format where it historically thrives from members of Diät, Good Throb, Barcelona, Idiota Civilizato, Nasho, BB & The Blips, Golden Staph, and so on...

Yfory respects the audience's heart and mind over these 4 tracks, not berating the listener with an optimised-for-the-era-of-hyper-consumption hodge-podge collection of cheap aesthetic signifiers and self conscious musical shortcuts.

What I mean is this feels a bit shit to call this an attempt at a "classic" post/post-puk/early daze of Rough Trade record. Yfory's nuance, idiosyncratic and personality filled musical dynamic, (and dual approach to Welsh/English language lyrics) brings to mind Life Without Buildings or if Altered Image were free from the shackles of a career in the arts.

Along with Display Homes, it's the best I've heard in 2023 from the vague and bad categorisation of Post Punk. - Nic