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Warmer Milks - Soft Walks 2LP

Warmer Milks - Soft Walks 2LP

Sophomore Lounge

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 A “country/folk rock” album that sounds like it was made by someone who was also listening to the Inzane-adjacent underground? Sounds like my kinda jam!

First released in 2008, Warmer Milks’ Soft Walks was composed by the prolific Michael Turner and co. in a manner that would appeal to heads of the Drag City/Palace Records orbit (Bonnie Prince Billy/Palace Brothers or Songs: Ohia). But spread throughout are passages of psychedelic improv, weirdo-synth dispatches, Henry Flynt-esque violin drone.

As with so much of the Sophomore Lounge catalogue, this is another that doesn’t sit neatly within genre parameters but sprawls beyond and around into different worlds.
- Mitch (Repressed Records)

FIRST TIME ON VINYL. Highly limited reissue pressing (350 copies) of Warmer Milks' under-loved avant-alt-country masterpiece "Soft Walks" (originally released on CD only by Animal Disguise in 2008).

2xLP at 45rpm w/ new masters by Paul Oldham, fully revamped gatefold jacket layout/artwork by Robert Beatty, and extensive liner notes by Blastitude's Larry Dolman.