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Vom - Live At Surf City 7"

Vom - Live At Surf City 7"


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While I may have softened my music stances and embraced the middlebrow since first hearing this EP 11 or so years ago, thank gosh this supreme slice of dumb genius punk still hits the spot!  Vom, the Richard Meltzer fronted, pre- Angry Samoans Southern California Punk group that existed for a handful of months in 1978.

Listening reminds me of reading the collection of Meltzer's "rock criticism", which is mostly rock-writing-as-an-act-of-rock-n-roll, lots of pranks, hilarity, misinformation and snotty takes on mid-70s rock with a real turn to sincerity when encountering the LA Punk scene.

For context this guy was a handful of people who "got" The Stooges debut upon release, wrote lyrics for The Blue Oyster Cult etc, so there's a real humility and enthusiasm for someone that's general mode is sarcasm and bile.

Meltzer immersed himself in the pre-HC So-Cal scene, but didn't overstay his welcome, leaving us with one highly memorable document. - Nic