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Vicissitude - Neolithic Necrocannibals LP

Vicissitude - Neolithic Necrocannibals LP

Gutter Prince Cabal

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New Zealand's neanderthal horde Vicissitude come rampaging forth from the depths of the void, to unleash their debut album ‘Neolithic Necrocannibals’ upon surface dwellers, smashing bones and rending flesh with bestial, bludgeoning riffs and a ferocious barbaric vocal assault. The first track in ‘NNVI’ has been released, indicating the dark and impending signs of what is to follow.

Vicissitude are a miasmic black/death swarming mass in the vein of Archgoat, Black Curse and Caveman Cult. Centred on death, decomposition and cannibalism, they purvey a sonic hellfire of murky chaos and morbid satisfaction.

They, who cannot be broken will be eaten. - Gutter Prince Cabal