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Various Asses - La Adoración LP

Various Asses - La Adoración LP

Nice Music

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Nice Music is thrilled to announce Melbourne/Naarm producer Various Asses’ return to the label in 2022 with ‘La Adoración’, their first available as a vinyl LP.

With their ruggedly confident live shows catching audiences off guard around the debut release ‘Loción’ in 2016, V/A aka Raquel Solier has a fabled name as a powerful performer and producer. The pinnacle of this period culminating with an epicly folklored prime time set at Meredith Music Festival.

Since working on albums for Racerage, Papaphilia, collaborating with Kuya Neil and drumming for Mod Con, Solier’s ‘La Adoración’ offers a morphological drift away from sledgehammer cutups aimed at the dancefloor on previous releases. Unmistakably, their warped bass music tendencies and rollercoastering samplework trademarks are present, but repurposed as tools in a sincere and muscular language, expressing something profoundly more personal.

It’s worth noting that people and places appear everywhere throughout the album, loved ones past and present, emblasoning the cover art and speaking to us from the recording itself. It’s possible ‘La Adoración’ is a life’s work, but perhaps adjunctly operates as just a flashing moment in time – a glistening diorama, an astonishing glance both forward and back at once, a prioritisation of love and intent.