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Troth - Forget The Curse LP

Troth - Forget The Curse LP

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I’ve been anticipating this latest Troth album, Forget The Curse, since they played the title track track off of it back in November at our 20th Anniversary show at the Red Rattler (a highlight of the set and the night) and I gotta say, the album doesn’t disappoint!

This is pop music for and from the dream state (not to be confused with dream pop…): ethereal and haunting, yet still grounded in the waking frights and desires of the Real World. At once more abstract and more immediate than their previous two LPs, these latest tracks sit between the drifting ambience of Flaws In The Glass and the tighter song structures of Oak Corridor. 

The familiar Troth trademarks are here (Amelia Besseny’s otherworldly vocals, warped field recordings, glittering piano trills, skittering drum loops), but the sonic palette is further expanded here with the addition of Cooper Bowman’s vocals, warbling guitars, strings, and sax that offers up the occasional (yet tasteful) skronk.

This is the kind of LP that you can sink yourself into; mysterious yet inviting, intricate and airy; one that opens itself up with repeated listens but continues to maintain the air of excitement that comes with a first listen.