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Troth - Flaws In The Glass LP (Dinged corner)

Troth - Flaws In The Glass LP (Dinged corner)

Altered States Tapes

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Gotta say I’m pretty in awe of the first vinyl offering from Troth, the Newcastle based duo of Amelia Besseny and Cooper Bowman. Trying to describe ‘Flaws In The Glass’ I was reminded of those attempts to group some of the post-Noise activities 10 or so years ago. Terms like “song-in-noise” and “hypnogogic-pop”.

I’m not wishing for a similar potentially hyperbolic phrase, but it would be nice to have a shorthand way of describing this collective retreat from outsider beats and D-I-Y sound collage, into lucid compositions. This very contemporary feeling zone between sound piece and song.

Troth hit a space that reminds me of Eno’s ambient series, Księżyc, 4AD, Hype Williams, Nico, Harmonia etc. An equilibrium of accessible/challenging, naïve melodies colliding with considered sounds. On par with Fabulous Diamonds – Plain Songs and YL Hooi’s self titled cassette. Really, really, very beautiful. - Nic