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Totenrune / Sarin Snow – श्रवो अक्षितम् / Κλέος Άφθιτον 7"

Totenrune / Sarin Snow – श्रवो अक्षितम् / Κλέος Άφθιτον 7"


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NOVICHOK is proud to present a new record by Totenrune and Sarin Snow - coming in quick succession after the sophomore Sarin Snow LP and after a period of relative inactivity for the Totenrune project. This 7" is the latest in a wave of split releases for Totenrune and marks a first for Sarin Snow. The common thread between the two is for a reconstructed expression of blood, sacrifice, and death found in ancient sources which antedates much else. This kind of thematic convergence is well suited to the short format, where two very different tracks are both cast in the same archetypal mold of the warrior. Both acts explore these themes sonically with their respective styles. The sounds are fierce, and defiant. The atmosphere of one side is contemplative and subterranean: the impression is one of cavernous, dark depths. On another side, dense thick layered walls of synth are fighting for space. Yet the two respective project's meet to find common ground on this new release.

162 pressed, all black vinyl; with foldover cover sleeve in clear plastic slip case.

- Novichok.