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Tomutonttu - Seikkailun Tuoksu 7"

Tomutonttu - Seikkailun Tuoksu 7"

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The creative outburst that gave us "Hoshi" (Vauva / Joteskii Groteskii 2022), the 7th album by Tomutonttu, spawned so much music that it all could not be fit into one entity. Four of these tracks found each other and now comprise an independent baby sibling, the 7" vinyl EP "Seikkailun Tuoksu" (Scent of Adventure). It is a colourful burst of sound, filled with electronic soap bubbles and glitchy but playful melodies.

Tomutonttu is the moniker of Jan Anderzén, a visual artist and the leader of the legendary Kemialliset Ystävät. - Artsy Records 

"Jan Anderzen's latest is another run through the kaleidoscope at high speeds. Intervals grow and contract with no thought for the spirits dancing on the top floors where the ground moves like an elongated jump rope. Colorful sonic bubbles search for outer space only to freeze and crack releasing a miniature electronic tidal wave into the upper atmosphere. Little pellets drop back to earth singing in glitched alien voices that welcome another pirouette before splattering into the neon sea." - Brad Rose / Foxy Digitalis