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Tomutonttu - Hoshi CS

Tomutonttu - Hoshi CS

Joteskii Groteskii

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Hoshi is the 7th album by the worldly Kaakinmaa based sound producer Tomutonttu. This compositional endeavour began with foggy intuitions about freed people in swings, house plants in hanging baskets and people being brought up by wild monkeys.

Tomutonttu has been dealing with questions perhaps romantic by nature. Maybe my songs are farming music after all? What does my computer think about my music? Did electricity smell different in the 1980s compared to now? Other smells that could be related: the aroma of amok jog, the bottled scent of a pet shop. True players know the special perfume called studio sweat.

From a cycle to the next one, we are all ex-babies dreaming about autumnal mud puddles. Hoshi was made in a confused dialogue with machinery and code. It was born effortlessly and sometimes scary fast. Hoshi's dark is that of a troll's pocket filled with holes, or the inside of a flute. The album might be better suited for night time listening than any other Tomutonttu music.

Hoshi was recorded in 2021 and features sounds and voices from Kraus, Maria Stereo and Milo Linnovaara. There will be a cassette version of Hoshi available early next year by Joteskii Groteskii. Thank you Taike / Arts Promotion Centre Finland for support.

Hoshi =
Haamut ontuen soittavat historian illassa
Hyllyy ovelle simalta haiseva ihme
Hapuillen on sidottu haavat ihmisen
Havuista ommeltu salaisten haaveiden ikoni
Hovin ovi sulkeutuu hiljaa itsekseen
Härmäisiä oodeja sulavassa häkissä iloitseville
Hevonen on surkea hiiri-imitaattori
Hyönteisille olkoon sallittua huoleton irstailu