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Tim Goss - Afterfly LP

Tim Goss - Afterfly LP

Penultimate Press

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Tim Goss (The Shadow Ring, Call Back The Giants) makes even the most "experimental" synth welding solo acts sound aligned to a well established lineage, on-trend and down right conventional. There's something explicitly idiosyncratic (my favourite positive descriptive word, I know) and imaginative on his return to record, this time under his own name.

While The Shadow Ring have eventually scrapped together an obtuse legacy, his next project Call Back The Giants is less fringe-of-music, although it's appeal is a little harder to peg. Still, CBTG stirred up my most uniquely strange and transcendent listening experiences of the last decade, and Afterfly is a welcome addition to the canon.

It's incredibly hard to tie Tim to any particular genre or tradition. In fact I've spent more time pondering just how this record doesn't neatly tac onto anything, while also being potentially more "listener friendly" than any of his previous output. It's certainly got more conventional in-store playability than Graham Lambkin's post-Shadow Ring output, although we got some very surprising positive reactions to his recent box set.

Afterfly is a hallucinatory listening experience that in my mind sits somewhere near the most stupefying passages of Gerald Murnane's writing, the time I came across a pile of baffling Star Trek illustrated fan fiction or discovering the uncanny valley youtube banger from South Australia's Wendy Vanity "Meow Meow I Am A Cat". Top marks! - Nic