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Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs - Blue 12"

Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs - Blue 12"

Bedroom Suck

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From mimicking drum sounds with their mouths and then processing the result to create a world of intricate, intimate sound; to recording a short EP’s worth of work at the snail’s pace of a minimum 12 months, the Sydney based duo Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs approach their work with a fascinating blend of impulse and consideration. Sounds can be carefully sulptured, massaged, edited and reworked, only to be thrown out the window and replaced with a whole new set of material at a moment’s notice.

The pair pay acute attention to mood, space and atmosphere; they are not afraid to take their time. Listening to their compositions is like travelling through the countryside on a train, downriver on a boat, or rising into clouds through the windows of a commercial airliner. Gray and Ebbs’ music, it feels, is an accompaniment to thought and feeling, a personal soundtrack to carry in one’s head. As Eno said when famously coining the term ‘ambient’ - “Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.”

In 2022, the pair will return with a new EP, ‘Blue’, their first for the Bedroom Suck Records label. The five tracks on Blue continue to explore the world that lies somewhere between organic and electronic, between natural sound and manufactured signal. Acoustic instruments make a notable appearance, as does a strong lead vocal in ‘It’s Alright’. The music is evocative, nostalgic and inspirational; It leaves one feeling hopeful.