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Thigh Master  - Now For Example LP

Thigh Master - Now For Example LP

Goner Records

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Has Australia reached the saturation point of "jangle"?? Heck I wouldn't have even dared to mention the word but Goner records put it on the bloody cover sticker! Feels bad to bring Thigh Master into this debate but as jangle-pop becomes passe to the forever morphing ladder climbers of the Australian underground one could say those continuing to jangle fall into the categories of a) whacking any Australiana reference (Dick Smith? Bi-Lo? Russel Coight?) over some strummed open chords or b) groups with real vigour that will strum with purpose despite the fickle tides of independent music! THIGH MASTER fall into category b. Their particular jangle sits closer to the shambles of The Moles or Cannanes than fellow Brisbanites The Go-Between and if we're gonna throw in a couple of F-bombs (in this case that means Flying Nun references) I'd say 3Ds, The Clean and Sneaky Feelings. The real point of difference for TM would have to be the contorted guitar lines they manoeuvre into these pop tunes. The type of thing you'd hear on Homestead Records or more recently those loveable mid-west weirdos Chronophage. Thigh Master - Now For Example LP is on repeat! P.S. SHOUT OUT TO GONER FOR BACKING AUSTRALIAN MUSIC! - Nic