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Theee Retail Simps - Live On Cool Street LP

Theee Retail Simps - Live On Cool Street LP

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Add me to the list of those simping for Theee/Tha Retail Simps! A Canadian group digging in the dustbin of rock 'n' roll in order to express, let loose and live a little.

Th' Retail Simps are putting it all into something that they’ve lovingly positioned as throwaway. A group that's self-aware but intuitive, who get Lou Reed's furious see-sawing between high and low brow. The dialectic of rock, I suppose. It's presented as idiotic, but there's a hidden ambition and exertion in these recordings. Like Hackamore Brick (or Lou Reed's folk/boogie solo debut) in a lamp shade hat.

My beloved Home Blitz comes to mind as The Simps show what can still be achieved within the juvenile and kitsch "budget rock" tradition. - Nic