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The Soul Patrol - Mara / Take Back the Night 7"

The Soul Patrol - Mara / Take Back the Night 7"

Feel It Records

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The long lost debut single by Louisiana’s The Soul Patrol was originally released in a custom pressing of 50 copies on their own label, Stud Records. This information will immediately grab the attention of a certain type of record buyer, and upon hearing it they won't be disappointed.

Like many of the most memorable tunes in the Killed By Death or Bloodstains cannon the songs here have a didn't-quite-get-the-memo quality to their brand of Punk, allowing an eccentricity to shine through that's only accentuated by the consumer grade fuzz and phaser units applied very liberally to these tracks.

Feel It records dug up a wild one you can file near 'Can't Stand The Midwest' and 'UFO Dictator'.
- Nic, Repressed Records