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The SHA - Lost Recordings Vol. II 2CS

The SHA - Lost Recordings Vol. II 2CS

Chemical Imbalance

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From Chemical Imbalance:

2nd collection of The SHA's "Lost Recordings" in the form of a double cassette set of early 2000's jams sourced from numerous (almost)decaying compact discs, on which they were documented.. mostly recorded in a Newtown sharehouse where the trio, comprised of Christian Durham [Thallium & Milo, DPRK, Fauxbia Fauxbic, Keith Salty, LGO,et al.], Matt Earle [BDTD label, Muura, xNoBBQx, CSW, Craft Bandits, Antipan, SSS, Vavenge,etc.] & Adam Susssmann [Stasis Duo, Xwave, Yr Intestines, Sunporc, DJ White Pimpernell, Document label] lived & regularly jammed, for a couple years or so ..
So watch out for this next dose of epic sound explorations, genre-defying music/noise throughout this vast collection of personally selected -(mostly)longform improv trax - dating back two+ decades (earliest is from '99 i believe) in usual Earle style of super lo0ow fidelity no doubt!