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The Red Engine Group - 2 CS

The Red Engine Group - 2 CS

Blow Blood

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The Red Engine Group cassette is a soapy piece of work, slipping between slightly sinful Faustian guitar music and near-lush meadows of mind and melody.

The whole album is imbued with a feeling like there is something bubbling below the surface ready to erupt into something more chaotic but manages to restrain whatever aggression lies beneath into a steady affair of pondering percussion, vibrating chords and milk and honey. Flowers of poppy Krautrock and bulbs of Velvet Underground grow in the fertile ground of 90s alt rock fields, then you open your eyes and realise you've been invited into Tristan's house.

Naming a favourite track is like naming your favourite colour; it really depends when you're asked. It isn't quite sad and it isn't quite mean.

Remember, it's only a dream.