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The Kill - Kill Them...All LP

The Kill - Kill Them...All LP


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The Kill is a pulverizing grindcore band outta Australia. These bloaks are simply amazing! Ludicrous speeds of grinding chaos are flawlessly executed and right on point. They're brutal and mindbogglingly creative when it comes to constructing destructive and grinding magic.

For fans of: Maruta, Insect Warfare & Discordance Axis

This is the latest album by the grindcore sensation The Kill. The new album is easily the band's best material - aggressive but focused this time around, top rate precision and phenomenal artwork by none other than Pierre (Braindead Zine). This is the culmination of the genre's expression; 'Kill Them...All' is one of 2015's highlights.

Released in colaboration between Psychocontrol, EveryDayHate, Obscene Prod, Fatass Records, Selfmadegod and Dead Heroes.