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The Green Child - Shimmering Basset LP

The Green Child - Shimmering Basset LP

Upset The Rhythm

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LP #2 for the dynamic duo of Raven Mahon (Grass Widow) and Mikey Young (Total Control).

While their first LP took a year to fully reveal its excellence, I’m fully on-board and excited for the second record by The Green Child. A duo that has an engaging approach to smooshing warm electronics into eternal pop melodies.

The Green Child simultaneously feels natural, effortless and innovative. Basically, they have what we call “the knack”. It’s “cool music” while avoiding all the boring, emotionless trappings of cool music.

There are moments of new romantic bombast (OMD, both versions of Ultravox), but generally they embrace the smooth in a way that paints a straight line between Eno’s Another Green World and Sade. Other moments subtly nod to the swingin’ 60s like, dare I say it, Saint Etienne 😎.

The best to do it since Broadcast! – Nic