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The Goon Sax - Mirror II LP

The Goon Sax - Mirror II LP

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We played The Goon Sax 2nd album ‘We’re Not Talking’ so much in the shop that it won numerous customers over to their team that maybe thought they were a bit over jangly guitar pop (aka Dolewave 2.0). Their collective charm, songwriting skills and emotional openness trumped preconceptions about where their listeners' current musical interest lay.

Needless to say we’re excited, but kind of nervous, to see where LP 3 ‘Mirror II’ would take them. Especially considering they’ve aligned with big-wig producer John Parish and Matador Records.

Could this be their ‘Saturation’? Will anyone get this Urge Overkill reference?

‘Mirror II’ seems to be a balancing act. Wanting to incorporate a plethora of esoteric interests and aesthetics (ya know that turbulent self-defining early 20s stage slightly beyond the tribalistic teenage period) while recognising they have developed a collective musical voice that is great at writing emotionally communicative guitar-pop songs.

And balanced it is! While the humble magnetism of say Chris Knox, The Cannanes or Syd Barret remains, there is a Prefab Sprout level of experimental pop ambition. The spotlight and allure of ‘cultural relevance’ can be coercive but ultimately The Goon Sax have listened to their heart.
- Nic