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The Celibate Rifles – Extract From The Fungus LP

The Celibate Rifles – Extract From The Fungus LP

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A collection of songs recorded throughout the history of The Celibate Rifles, from Honey Farm in 1983 to Damien Lovelock's final recording with the band during 2019.

All mixes previously unreleased, except Track B5 'Barry Crocker 6 Days' version.

Recorded by either Michelle Barry, Daniel Hackett, Colin Freeman, Mark Thomas, Rick O'Neil, John Hrsc, Colin Ford or David Connor. *Noting that apart from 'Colin Freeman', none of the other engineers are given track references in the liner notes.
Mixed by Kent with whomever else was present.

Tracks A1 to A5 were recorded at Alberts Studio in Sydney, NSW, Australia in either late 1984 or early 1985. Predominantly recorded live with overdubbed vocals. These five songs were the first part of a potential covers album The Rifles thought about doing, but never finished.
It is the 'Turgid' lineup: Dave – Phil – Damien – Michael – Kent. The band believes that Colin Freeman recorded them.

Tracks A1 & A2 were previously issued on the '6 Days On The Road!' 7-inch single, which was released by Hot Records in July 1985.
Track A1 is a cover of the Tony Joe White song 'Groupie Girl'.
Track A2 is a cover of the Dave Dudley song 'Six Days on the Road'.
Track A3 is a cover of the Johnny Thunders song 'You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory'.
Track A4 is a cover of the Hambone Willie Newbern song 'Rolling & Tumbling'.
Track A5 is a cover of the Del Shannon song 'Runaway'.

Track A6 was recorded at Sound Barrier Studios in Camperdown, NSW, Australia during 1988. From 'Hard To Beat (Twenty-One Stooges Killers)', a 21 Track tribute album, which was released by Au-go-go as a 2LP set in June 1988. 'Gimme Danger' (The Stooges cover) was likely Paul and Rudis' first recording with The Rifles.

Track B1 is a cover of The Purple Hearts song 'I'm Gonna Try'. This was a song that Damo always wanted The Rifles to do, so they did and it was the last thing Damien Lovelock ever sang on: uses a guide vocal but we put it out as he always wanted a version of this released. Warts and all it was recorded at Oceanic Studios (during 2019).

Track B2, 'City of Fun' (The Only Ones cover) was recorded as a live 2-track session at Honeyfarm Studios in Sydney, NSW, Australia during 1983. Recorded with bass player James (Darroch) when The Rifles did a few songs to fill in an hour after the session for 'Merry Xmas Blues'.

Track B3 is a cover of the Donna Summer song 'Hot Stuff' (writers: Harold Faltermeyer / Keith Forsey / Pete Bellotte). The Celibate Rifles recorded this track as part of the sessions for the album 'Blind Ear' (which were recorded at Studio 301). Kent found a cassette of it. No sign of any master tapes that remain (Paul and Jim play on this track). This Fungus version of 'Hot Stuff' is a different and longer recording than what was released on the 'Wonderful Life' double 7-inch (March 26th 1990).

Track B4, 'Pumping My Heart' (Patti Smith Group cover) was recorded at Festival Studios and Turtlerock in Sydney, NSW, Australia during 2000, as part of the sessions for the album 'A Mid-Stream Of Consciousness'. Pumpin My Heart was one of Damo's faves, for whatever reason it got left off 'Midstream'. Jim and Nik play on this.

Track B5 is listed as "Six Days with Barry Crocker" on the insert, but as simply "6 Days On The Road" on the back cover and Side 2 vinyl label. This is a reprise of the Dave Dudley cover, but with guest Barry Crocker. Previously issued on 'Get Trucked', a 32 track/2CD compilation, which was released by Zed Hed Recordings on May 22nd 2000.

Track B6, 'Shakin' Street' is a live MC5 cover from somewhere in Australia.
Possibly from the 2018 live album 'Meeting The Mexicans (Live In Melbourne)', or the 1997 compilation CD 'One Over The Eight'.
B6 is an LP bonus track which was not included on the CD release of 'Extract From The Fungus'.