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The Cat's Miaow - Songs '94-'98 LP

The Cat's Miaow - Songs '94-'98 LP

World Of Echo

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Something in the air with twee pop reissues lately! The latest from World Of Echo collects the work of Melbourne dream pop group The Cat’s Miaow through the mid-90s and feels like an essential edition to this revisionist canon!

A sister band of sorts to Hydroplane (whose album was reissued earlier this year on Efficient Space) that shared a number of members, this LP collects a series of CD and 7” only releases that are swimming in reverb, doe-eyed and broken hearted sentiment, and lo-fi tape hiss.

Short tracks that feel like the aural equivalent of a beautifully composed polaroid: snapshots that seem casual and off-the-cuff but seem to capture a passing moment in a profound way with a hazy air of nostalgia surrounding.

One for fans of The Cannanes, 2010s Melbourne jangle, Mazzy Star, Blueboy, C86.