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The Avonden - God Is De Liefde LP

The Avonden - God Is De Liefde LP

Soft Office

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Lewsberg’s band-label Soft Office have given us a further (and essential) insight into the Dutch underground. Originally released on limited CD-R in 2013, The Avonden’s debut album is all ‘verby vibrato guitar jangle with lyrical playing and deadpan singing in the vein of Loaded-era VU and their acolytes (The Feelies, Jonathan Richman, late era Silver Jews, hell even Nathan Roche).

Arie from Soft Office has written that this is the best Dutch-sung album of the century, and I’m inclined to agree. Not because I know anything about Dutch guitar music, but because this album is a killer!

One to top off the supreme run of Euro guitar pop records over the last 18 months, including favourites from Lewsberg and City Band.