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The Archaeas - The Archaeas LP

The Archaeas - The Archaeas LP


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KIller debut from Louisville's ARCHAEAS after their sold-out Total Punk 45!

What's it all about?

'Tension, anxiety, ominous energy, and the release that comes from vanquishing those mental foes. Specifically, vanquishing them with rock and roll.'

That's how Violet Archaea, guitarist, singer, and leader of Louisville's Archaeas describes the themes of their new self-titled album on Goner Records. Beginning as a one-witch band, they now perform as a perfectly-balanced rock trio with frightening power. Archaeas reflect punk rock and rock n roll from the last fifty years, from AC/DC, Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers and The Dead Boys through The Reatards and Carbonas, even early Ty Segall, but Archaeas are young enough to soak up sounds, attitudes, and riffs & turnarounds from other bands and songs and still push them into their own Battle Royale. It's a sound full of chaos but the band always knows its next move, even if you don't. They've been honing this in practice rooms and onstage and they are READY.