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The Apostles - Best Forgotten 2LP

The Apostles - Best Forgotten 2LP

Horn Of Plenty

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Like previous archival releases on the Horn of Plenty label (Paul Chain, The Mudguards) figuring out The Apostles could send one deep down a rabbit hole. A rabbit hole that links the seemingly unlinkable and makes one re-think the subcultural landscape of the 1980s.

There's a distinctive sense of tension on this compilation, as one would expect from a band that had a release on Conflict's Mortarhate Records, as well as being labelmates with Nocturnal Emissions and Throbbing Gristle.

Apparently they were quite divisive in the anarcho squat scene at the time, but maybe now's their time to shine in an era where Storm Bugs, Shadow Rings and Slugfuckers have all found a new audiences?

On Best Forgotten I hear the most affinity to Alternative TV and offshoots like The Good Missionaries. Mostly for their experimentation within a punk environment (technological/musical limitations be damned!) but also doing so in a sometimes confrontingly human manner. - Nic