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Tanson - Coral Grief CS

Tanson - Coral Grief CS

Oxtail Recordings

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On Coral Grief, Alexander Tanson explores cosmic realms and alien worlds both above and below. While he departs the dystopian AI world of his 2016 Oxtail release The Eventuality of Destiny, his ear for synthetic psychedelia remains. A dreamy seaside meditation that morphs into a psionic interstellar voyage, the album explores visions of utopian, harmonious existence. Traveling through inner and outer space, the sounds meander through timeless mysteries and colorful adventures, eventually landing on a tropical planet in the far off reaches of the galaxy.

The pieces, previously featured in several performances, were performed live in studio and recorded as a single track to fully capture the meditative and transcendent quality that musical improvisation provides for the creator and listener. Speaking about his process and inspiration, Tanson says “For me, the tones and timbres of electronic synthesis truly provide a pathway to other worlds and I feel that some of these recordings were the farthest I’ve ever gone on this journey."

Instruments featured are the Electribe EMX-1, Moog Mother-32, Casio CZ-101, Arturia Minibrute, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, and cassette tape.- Oxtail Recordings