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Succumb - Succumb LP

Succumb - Succumb LP

The Flenser

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I've raved about Bay Area Death Metal group Succumb's recent LP XXI, heck I've even proclaimed it's best of 2021 material, so it's nice to fill in a piece of the puzzle by hearing their 2017 debut.

There's something a little bit more unruly and punk-friendly about this one. Cheri Musrasrik's vocals are more of a reverb drenched shriek in a way that reminds me of (underrated weirdo HC group) The Floor Above or Nosferatu, and draws a more direct link back to her previous noise punk group Pig DNA, while still being firmly in the Metal camp.

Fulfils a different listening experience to XXI, and is also crucial listening! - Nic (Repressed Records)