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Styrofoam Winos - Styrofoam Winos LP

Styrofoam Winos - Styrofoam Winos LP

Sophomore Lounge

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Are Styrofoam Winos Nashville’s answer to Dick Diver? I reckon!

I was tipped off about the Styrofoam Winos earlier in the year by a couple of friends in the US and have been hooked since. A band with a straight up democratic approach where all three core members of the group swap songwriting/vocal/instrumental duties, creating a set of varied but cohesive songs that range from short folkier tunes to sprawling tracks with references to urban gentrification, mundane jobs, or more allegorical/oblique writing.

An album that draws from country tinged songwriting with hints of kraut a la Yo La Tengo or 90s-00s Wilco but is more than just another indie rock LP. One to play alongside contemporaries like Rosali, Goon Sax, State Champion, Simon Joyner, even those Dutch groups like The Avonden.