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Strapping Fieldhands - Alluvium Trinkets LP

Strapping Fieldhands - Alluvium Trinkets LP

Omphalos Records

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Maybe the name Strapping Fieldhands rings a bell? Maybe you’ve seen the name on flyers with Sebadoh or Pavement, or have them on a compilation CD also featuring Mike Rep and Guided By Voices? Maybe you’re already a fan and this post is a nice reminder to check in on ‘em? No matter how acquainted you are, their new album ‘Across The Susquehanna’ and 2018s ‘Alluvium Trinkets’ feel like reuniting with an old friend. The type of old-friend-reunion that’ll result in some good stories, a philosophical epiphany or two, and a hangover. Soundwise, SFH play self aware psychedelic skiffle like if Skip Spence was in Ego Summit. - Nic


2018 LP from SFH's. Recorded during the same session that produced the "Impossible To Say" single on Richie Records some years back, Alluvium Trinkets is the result of the Fieldhands being holed up deep underground on the south side of town for the cold months, stocked with resurrected instruments, archaic recording gear, affordably-priced beer, and BOB MALLOY's trademark sense of melody & arrangement. Released on the Fieldhands own Omphalos Records.