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Stefan Christensen - Cheap Things LP

Stefan Christensen - Cheap Things LP

World Of Echo

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Been excitedly waiting on the latest album from tireless and prolific guitarist Stefan Christensen to arrive on our shores and it exceeds expectations!

The free-rocking of some other Christensen albums (and his involvement in the groups Headroom and Center) reigned in a bit on this one, funnelled into a more compositional or even song-like form that features cameos from the broader New Haven scene (including members of Headroom, Mountain Movers, and Alexander).

Open-ended (dare-I-say folky) acoustic guitar meditations unfurl through layers of tape loops, sax parts, and unwieldy guitar feedback. Cheap Things weaves together a range of points from his prolific output, combining strains of folk, noise, psych rock, and post-punk that recalls the NZ underground, psych noise energy from Japan, or Neil Young-esque contemplations. The perfect intro point to his body of work!