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Steel Dangerous / Tiger Village Split CS

Steel Dangerous / Tiger Village Split CS

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Ohio is weird. Not in-your-face weird though - spend a day there and it'll check out just fine. No, Ohio is deep weird: under the surface, behind the corners, after hours.

Enter Doug Gent (Steel Dangerous) and Tim Thornton (Tiger Village). Hailing from Kent and Cleveland, respectively, both have been responsible for exporting massive amounts of scrambled Ohioan jams to us hopeless normies for years now.

Taking a break from his logic-space-time obliterating sax work with legendary duo Moth Cock, here Gent revives his solo Steel Dangerous moniker. Strange to say about someone with a catalog and personality as large as his, but these tracks come off as downright pensive - synths, noise, and percussion gurgle slowly in the loop station while Gent rides his signature free sax stylings low in the mix. This is weeknight Doug - home alone, lights low, computer glow. Not less weird, just different weird.

Thornton picks up the after hours vibe on his side, slowing down the breakneck Tiger Village stylings we've come to know and love from his top-tier work on Hausu Mountain, Orange Milk, and his own Suite 309 imprint. Riding pulsing waves of shimmering synths, voices, and static, Thornton presents a cleaner (yet no less disorienting) alternative to the wooly A-side.