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staraya derevnya - Boulder blues LP

staraya derevnya - Boulder blues LP

Ramble Records

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"Appears to have emerged out of something deep, timeless, and possibly mineral" – The Quietus

"A kind of psychedelic hypnosis which fully immerses you in its sound" – Louder than war

"The most distant reaches of what can conceivably be called folk music." – Folk Radio UK

Gosha Hniu: objects, percussion, cries and whispers, marching band kazoo, wheel lyre (1,2,4)
Ran Nahmias: silent cello, theremin
Maya Pik: synthesizer, flute (4,5)
Grundik Kasyansky: feedback synthesizer
Miguel Pérez: guitars
Yoni Silver: bass clarinet
Andrea Serafino: drums
Tom Wheatley: double bass
Galya Chikiss: cries and whispers (3)
Dasha and Masha Gerzon: choir (1), piano (4)