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Sovereign - Altered Realities LP

Sovereign - Altered Realities LP

Dark Descent

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First certified metal banger of 2024! Oslo’s Sovereign gets the thrash/death metal balance very right. They’re no doubt ripping and tech but also prioritise cohesion and groove to avoid being just a tongue-flailing display of energy.

Not only have I had ‘Altered Realities’ on repeat the last few days, it’s got me reaching for my Pestilence CDs and revisiting some choice cuts from the Dark Descent thrash sub-label Unspeakable Axe. In particular Rabid Beast, Sewercide and Ripper.

From what I’ve absorbed of the lyrics there’s an engaging sci-fi meets socio-political critique of our currently existing dystopian tech/humanity struggles. Suits me better than esoteric mysticism! - Nic