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Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation 2LP

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation 2LP


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Not that they’re ever far off, but Sonic Youth has re-entered my listening rotation lately (must be feeling sentimental?) and Daydream Nation has gotta be my MVA (Most Valuable Album).

I remember buying a CD copy as a teen probably after reading about it in one of those mags that made their money off of dumb Best Albums/Artists/Guitarists lists and it didn’t click right away (sure as hell didn’t sound like the Stones).

But when it hit...... I feel like they were maybe the only band in their 30s to genuinely tap into some sort of teenage energy reserve and it still kicks like a quadruple shot coffee. An album that all at once tied into and pointed me in the direction of hardcore punk, experimental music, psych, 60s counterculture and Reagan-era NYC arts in a manner that engaged with seemingly pretentious cultural signifiers but still rocks!