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Son Of Sam The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (Vol. 2) LP

Son Of Sam The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (Vol. 2) LP


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Leeds sharehouse electronic group Son Of Sam made music in a similar spirit/sound to Sydney's Severed Heads. They've got an 808 drum machine, an assortment of synths, and probably hoped their music inspired both dance floor groovin' and lounge room listeners saying stuff like "Wow, I can really hear the Conny Plank influence".

These two volumes collecting their 84-85 recordings will certainly appeal to fans of the aforementioned Severed Heads, Robert Rental, Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey and Cybotron (Detroit). IT'S A GOOD SOUND.
- Nic


"We'd always hoped that people would want to dance to our stuff, but there was no obvious scene that we belonged to" (Chris Bishop, Son Of Sam's frontman, 2016).

We all here at Domestica have been dancing for some time now to this our second (and last for the time being) release by mid-80s West Yorkshire industrial disco act Son Of Sam, an album consisting of all the instrumental tracks on the very rare cassette released by Final Image in 1985, The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (1984-85 A.D.). Among others, you will find here for the first time ever on vinyl gems such as the futuristic 1985 remix of 'Not A Second Wasted', inspired by Holger Czukay's experimentalism, and the early-electro sounding hit 'Playground', along with the latest offering from the band, the previously unreleased track 'You Got Me'.