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Snowy Band - Alternate Endings LP

Snowy Band - Alternate Endings LP

Osborne Again

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2021 LP of off-kilter songs from Snowy Band (feat. members of Ocean Party, Pop Filter, The Dianas, Emma Russack, etc.)

Finally getting to Snowy Band’s second LP, Alternate Endings, that may have been a sleeper inclusion on my best of 2021 list!

Led by Snowy/Liam Halliwell (of Pop Filter/Ocean Party) and featuring other musicians who also play across a group of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter/jangle/indie pop groups (Dianas, Emma Russack, etc. etc.), the group carries a somewhat off-kilter approach.

There’s something of a subdued indie folk through-line to the record that suggests the whispered gentleness of Devendra Banhart or the more sprawling arrangements of Sufjan Stevens. But at the same time, Snowy Band also diverge from this set of indie folk with spindly electric guitar work to half-audible lyrics, to a weaving sax solo. An album that is both gentle and inviting, but with enough weirdness to keep you hooked.

-Mitch (Repressed Records)