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Sky Needle – Debased Shapes LP

Sky Needle – Debased Shapes LP

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Announcing the second full length LP ‘Debased Shapes’ by Australian band Sky Needle performing hypnotic, messed up, unmistakable / mistaken music using an array of invented and homemade instruments. 

“defies genre and spits phlegm in the face of categorization” Boston Hassle.

“makes little sense.” Record Collector.

“as immediately filthy as it is undeniably artistic” Inpress.

“have your ear drums exfoliated by tones you forgot existed.” The Thousands.

“essential listening if you like staring at walls and imagining things.” Crawlspace.

“somewhere between a stoned, cultic Spontaneous Music Ensemble and a buncha midgets playing the music of Albert Ayler.” Volcanic Tongue