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Skirmisher / The Meat - Skirmisher / The Meat Split 7"

Skirmisher / The Meat - Skirmisher / The Meat Split 7"

Bad Habit Records

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Skirmisher and The Meat are two Brisbane bands who have been smashing ears for the last few years. Both born from, and chucking a unique spin on, the wild and wacky legacy of Brisbane hardcore punk.

The Meat could almost be called a super group, bringing together dudes who have played in well-known bands from the Sunny Coast and Brisbane for the last 20 years, somehow un-jaded by the troughs and peaks of scene insanity, and lead by a wildcard frontman adding just the right amount of crazy-eyed, rough-around-the-edges unpredictability to blast the polish off the tight ferocity of his bandmates.

Formed in the aftermath of the pinger-punx drunken madness of Total Attack era Brisbane, The Meat opted to sharpen their steel in the crucible of local shows, self-releasing a 7" that they always forget to bring along to shows, skipping any slick promo for just totally consistent and relentless raging live shows. There’s something really endearing about the intensity of their work ethic – and it’s paid off in a strong local hooligan crew who proceed to destroy any venue they play in, including a few interstate treks to lay waste to posers and punx alike.

Imagine the classic thick neck, old school hardcore like Poison Idea, Totalitar, 86 Mentality and Arms Race with some Burning Spirits flare chucked in. Check out their other releases on Inner City Uprising, Team Glasses and NGM records, or have a listen here.

Skirmisher by contrast are fresh out of the box into the wildlands of Brisbane powerviolence, flailing about and kicking over bins before their newborn eyes have had time to fully open and adjust to the harsh glare of reality. They are outsiders by their very nature, barely capable of understanding social cues, let alone possessing of the good graces to become scene darlings or capitalise on positive praise.

Like Man is the Bastard, who Skirmisher clearly draw influence from, they are freaks, and they make the music they make because they have no choice. It’s destiny fulfilled. Like a good backyard experiment with explosives among friends, there's a purity to it that makes them timeless. - Bad Habits Records