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Sjunne Ferger - Mindgames LP

Sjunne Ferger - Mindgames LP

Strangelove Music

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Occupying its own hinterland within Scandinavia's early 80s electronic/progressive movements, ‘Mindgames’ navigates a lifetime of musical and personal exploration by Sjunne Ferger.

Written around a new wave context, his own jazz fusion roots and at times with an unintentionally balearic outcome, Sjunne goes some way to conjuring up a singular sounding album of the time. Narratives of love and loss, calls to self-empowerment and mindfulness, the new age zeal throughout follows Sjunne’s own awakening. Its music caught in meditative reflection one moment before propelling into ecstatic revelation the next, with Sjunne’s collective ‘Exit’ providing electric backing throughout. Propelled by the Drummer’s beat, its hard not to be caught up with Sjunne’s personal vision of a ‘Polymood Music’

Remastered from the original tapes with new liner notes, 'Mindgames' follows Strangelove’s previous issue of Sjunne’s early singles and soundtrack work on 'Childrens Mind'.