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Sirpa Jokinen - Windy Why CS

Sirpa Jokinen - Windy Why CS

Artsy Records

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Sirpa Jokinen is a Helsinki-based sound artist and improvising musician. She graduated from the Academy of FIne Arts as a painter in 1987 but was then alienated from the world of visual arts which she felt was overtly commercial, and started working with field recordings.

In the late 2000's, she took part in an instrument building workshop by Derek Holzer. There she built a dozen synthesizers placed in suitcases. Later Jokinen studied free improvisation at Laponia Improvisations workshops, especially under the tutelage of Sergio Castrillón, and started performing solo and in varying lineups.

The performances led to her visiting the music technology department of Sibelius Academy and later also joining the synthesizer orchestra Synthestra. Because she could not play the scores with her own instruments, she bought an Arturia Minibrute synthesizer.

The material on this tape is based on recordings made with this instrument. Jokinen creates electronic music that is connected to the tradition of experimental electronic music but is still highly singular and unique. - Artsy Records