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Silicone Prairie - My Life On The Silicone Prairie LP

Silicone Prairie - My Life On The Silicone Prairie LP

Computer Human

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Just when it seemed like the egg punk thing had reached a critical mass, Ian Teeple (Natural Man Band, Warm Bodies, etc.) moves the whole thing out of the well worn post-Devo tropes into wild new territory. Silicone Prairie provides a fitting soundtrack to the last year of fever dream of capital bloat and decay!

A DIY rock studio production masterclass, the album fizzes with power pop melodies that weave in and out of a frenzied mix of lo-fi analog and digital haze. Instruments seem sped up or slowed down; vocals and shredder lines bob and weave through the mix. There's still that familiar skewering of big tech corporates, but gone is the arch-conceptualism of so much egg, replaced with tributes to Patrick Cowley, ghost-written songs for the Eagles, and even sugar sweet ballads.