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Sick Thoughts - Born To Blitzkrieg 12" EP

Sick Thoughts - Born To Blitzkrieg 12" EP

Rokk Records

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"Finally…a classy record from SICK THOUGHTS!

Living in an endless storm of chaos has led dapper Drew Owen straight to Born To Blitzkrieg, Sick Thoughts’ latest hot-shot EP and the debut release from Owen’s newly-birthed ROKK RECORDS label.

A decade into this madness seems like the appropriate time to launch a formal theme song, so it’s fitting that “Sick Thoughts” crashes head-on into hardcore, delivering a classic that’s powerful as hell yet trades nothing in terms of hooks. “I’m A Hellraiser” and “Schoolgirls In Chains” both showcase the skillful, massive-sound punk Owen has cultivated as of late, replete with big-guitar heroics. The biggest shocker comes with “My Heart Is Breaking Over You”, a heartbreak lament that tilts toward power-pop and new wave pop, aided by an effective cameo from Gulf Coast stalwart Benny Divine on keys.

Sick Thoughts are operating in full-on powerhouse mode, with an attack centered on air-tight performances jammed with huge hits. Owen admirably harnesses all this momentum and achieves true mastery of the form with Born To Blitzkrieg, the loudest, proudest, punkest Sick Thoughts record existent. Only a fool would deny the golden punk majesty of this record." - Mitch Cardwell