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Shrapnel - Alasitas CS

Shrapnel - Alasitas CS

Tenth Court

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It feels so naff and exhausting in 2021 to still be recalling the “pre-virus era” but Shrapnel were probably my favourite band to see back in 2019—and now we’ve got all those tracks pinned down on tape for the at home listening experience!

After switching up their sound a little after the initial two albums, this latest tape captures a lot of what I love about seeing the group: riffs and melodies that seem to fly by at breakneck speed, those flute and clarinet arrangements, that blend of 60s psych meets prog meets 90s indie rock/GBVisms.

But here you also get a lot of what doesn’t quite come through live: Sam Wilkinson’s left-of-field lyricism (“Your love’s like an uncovered load/and you’re swerving all over the road” chorus lyric of the year?) and that ever present acoustic guitar that’s always drowned out on stage!