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Sharon Van Etten - Epic Ten 2CD

Sharon Van Etten - Epic Ten 2CD

Ba Da Bing Records

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CD. If there’s a comfort food equivalent in music, I reckon Sharon Van Etten would be it for me. A CD copy of this album came through the shop secondhand earlier in the year and I feel like I gave it a play every time I was in the store for a couple of months, and now that this 10 year reissue has landed, it’s getting another spin.

These songs tap into the vein of singer-songwriter music a la Neil or Bob or Joni in a familiar but beautifully crafted manner. I know people laud the classic big dogs as infallible and unapproachably classic, but I reckon some of these songs are up there too.

This new reissue also features a bonus LP of other artists (feat. Lucinda Williams, Courtney Barnett, Idles, Fiona Apple) covering the tracks. Like listening to the covers of classic singer-songwriters, a lot of these fall a short of the original performances, which only makes me realise how special the original album is!
-Mitch, Repressed Records