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Shadowplay - Another Autumn Day CS

Shadowplay - Another Autumn Day CS

Low Ambition Records

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Better known for his work as the frontman of bands like "Taste of Decay" (As featured on Killed by Deathrock Vol 1) & Garden of Pleasures; Michael Scholz also released this side project named Shadowplay in the late 80's

Alongside a few demos, Another Autumn Day was originally recorded in 1988 and released on a small tape label named "Individual pop"

With only 100 copies being released at the time, the cassette quickly became scarce and achieved a niche cult status for collectors and post-punk enthusiasts

Fast forward to over 25 years later: Low Ambition Records brings you this deluxe cassette reissue with 3 bonus tracks

A 2 sided transparent cassette housed in double sided Maltese cross covers.