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Schkeuditzer Kreuz - No Life Left LP

Schkeuditzer Kreuz - No Life Left LP

Bad Habit Records

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A cold, bleak, industrial, punk meditation on a cruel world and lives fighting that world only to be inevitably crushed by the gears of the death machine.

The whole album rumbles with the beat of the death machine that craves blood to lubricate its mechanics and the melody of tanks crushing skulls.

Throw in an Anti Cimex cover and you have the ultimate dystopian punk party at the end of times.

It's a grim listen. Believe me. But it hits a lot of familiar notes for anyone who's hated their boss, a heartless government and a corporate landscape that uses people and the environment like resources to grind up.

There's some sort of subconscious communion of punks and outsiders that can be felt on this record, as on all of the best punk.- Bad Habit Records