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Scattered Order - Full Metal EUROPE 12"

Scattered Order - Full Metal EUROPE 12"

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Full Metal Europe is a 3 track 12" vinyl record on the newly formed Terrorgraph label. Recorded live during the 2012 European tour and originally released on the CD Puppy Frequencies via Klanggalerie these tracks have now been remastered for this vinyl release.

The opening track Full Metal Rubic is a dancey groove, accommodating a surplus of cello synth, arp atmospherics and world music samples with occasional snatches of a Californian guided meditation. The dynamics of the accumulated collections of samples when they entrain into repetitive and slowly shifting patterns create a hypnotic and surrealistic space.

Boys in Coal Trucks is vintage Scattered Order tooled up with a vicious array of digitally processed synths and noise samples. This is eclipsed beautifully with the band's secret weapon, Mitch playing his pygmy guitar - narrow band slide electrifying and forlorn. The sonic scape is excessive and wanton with only the monotonous under-beat to guide the band's 'blow out' to its conclusion.

Ticker the final cut is another kettle of fish. It is cooly detached and engenders a considered vibe. It tumbles along collecting media streams that come and go. You get this slowly sinking feeling as the track rolls along. The overall affect is doom and it is capped off nicely with an Al Martino classic.