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Scattered Order - A Suitcase Full Of Snow Globes CD

Scattered Order - A Suitcase Full Of Snow Globes CD

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Images from a selection of tracks

“Fish Supper” - Is this allusion to a northern hemisphere much closer to home,,,do the globes glow blue do they glow gold are they frosted over like timeless wings making slight adjustments to the ions underneath.

“Before (the art of...)” - A shy john folding his garments before laying down his soul.

“Them Bones” - Fiction plays out along the bi-ways between cold industrial capital and moorland easy chairs..

“Claude Stroop” - See you at the matinee for a long cold shake on a puffy red lounge.

“Where is this island of yours?” - Where has my darling harry disappeared to now - keep up uncle.

“One drowned drone” - Hold that fern frond a little longer lest it snap me in the face.

"How I hated that man" - Who would stoop to peeping through a peep hole.

The end result “A suitcase full of snow globes.”