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SaD - Saturn Rules The Material World LP

SaD - Saturn Rules The Material World LP

Trans-Brunswick Express

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Saturn Rules The Material World’ is the debut album from Melbourne duo SaD. A dreamy collection of call-and-response arrangements; Camf’s lyrics and vocal delivery paint a landscape of heartache, despair, and longing for self-redemption, offset by moments of resigned acceptance and a sense of surrender to an inescapably painful life path. Castricum’s chorus/reverb drenched guitar leads and pumping big-beat and bass rhythms ground the record as instantly danceable. It features the new single ‘Sign From Above’, as well as their singles ‘The Poets of Antiquity’, ‘Don’t Go’ and a cover of The Triffids’ classic ‘Raining Pleasure’. ‘Saturn Rules The Material World’ is available through BandCamp and streams digitally from September 25 on Trans-Brunswick Express.

Of the album Daphne Says:
“‘Saturn Rules The Material World’ was written relatively quickly and intuitively between Simona and I capturing a reflective period where we both took to the task of doing what artists can always be relied on to do - turning pain into cathartic beauty."